Fruit / Veggie / Salt Water LED Battery Kit
Fruit / Veggie / Salt Water LED Battery Kit
Fruit / Veggie / Salt Water LED Battery Kit
Fruit / Veggie / Salt Water LED Battery Kit
Fruit / Veggie / Salt Water LED Battery Kit

Fruit / Veggie / Salt Water LED Battery Kit

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  • Create your own batteries and learn how batteries work!
  • Power four different kinds of LEDs, including blinking LEDs and even make a simple nightlight.
  • Everything included to make 6 battery cells – twice as many as most other kits!
  • Salt (sodium), potato, lemon, vinegar, and many other battery types possible.
  • 10 page full color instruction booklet included. 

What it does

This kit enables your child to build different batteries and learn about how batteries work. By exploring various battery chemistries - a salt water(sodium) and zinc battery, and a potato battery - along with suggestions for open ended experimentation with different chemistries (lemon, vinegar, soda, and more), kids can be inspired to learn more about battery technology.

The kit includes four different LED’s, which can potentially run for days off these simple batteries. Some LED’s blink, while others can make fun, subtle, dim night lights.

What is included

This kit contains twice the number of battery cells as most kits, which only have materials for 2 or 3 battery cells. This means more power and better success for your child. Nothing is worse than a battery so weak the experiment barely works!

* 4 different LED lights

* 10 wires (two full sets)

* 6 copper nail electrodes

* 6 zinc coated nail electrodes

* One set of wires with clips and plugs for the LED lights

* 6 cups to hold salt water and other possible electrolytes

* 12 packs of salts (enough for two sets of batteries)

With the salt water battery, you only need to supply the water. For the potato battery, you only need to supply the potatoes. No potatoes? Try lemons, tomatoes, vinegar and other things. There are many surprising items with liquids and juices that contain acids and other fluids that can act like a battery electrolyte.

Be Curious!

Battery technology is a hot industry, and new battery formulations are still being developed. The first lithium ion batteries (like those in your cell phone, laptop, and Tesla cars) were invented in the 1970’s and did not hit the commercial market until the 1990’s. There is a lot of research today on sodium batteries… Yes, like the one in this kit. Sodium is cheaper and better for the environment than lithium. Challenges remain to make them better than lithium based batteries. There are incredible opportunities for future scientists and entrepreneurs.

Stay Curious!