Press Pack

STEM Lab Press Pack

Hi! Thanks for visiting our press page and we hope to work with you to share some awesome STEM kits with your audience. Below are links to high resolution product images and our press releases.

These image links are expected to have a consistent location and name on the web, so if you prefer to link directly to them in your webpages instead of download the image or host it yourself, feel free to do so.

We ask that any images with an alpha layer (clear background) be used on top of a pure white (#FFFFFF) background so they can look their best. If you are going to scale any of the images, please maintain the proportions.

We can be found on most social media sites with the handle @stemlabkids and the hashtag #STEMLabKids is what we and our customers use to share photos and information.

Thanks again!

Copper Tape Circuits Photos

Entire kit spread in front of Copper Tape Circuits box 

Flat Lay image of Copper Tape Circuits kit with components labeled

Girl Holding Copper Tape Circuits Kit


Salt Water / Potato Battery Photos

Completed Potato Battery with component callouts

Front side image of Salt Water / Potato Battery kit box

Back of Potato Battery box describing what is included in the kit

Girl holding Salt Water and Potato Battery box


STEM Lab Logo

STEM Lab square color logo 768X768 pixels


Press Releases

May 2020 (PDF)