Fun, family-friendly kits that teach the basics of science and engineering. 

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... and make a little mess along the way!

Bertie Balance Bot from STEM Lab is a two-wheeled robot made from precision-cut wood and customizable with stickers. It uses a 100 RPM DC motor to roll around the house powered by two AA batteries.

Bertie the Balance Bot

A beginner-level two-wheeled robot with a 100RPM motor! No frustration with detailed build instructions. Build time: 30 minutes.

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Walter the Walker Bot

An intermediate-level build for kids 10-13 to make their own walking robot! Complete with stickers to customize its look. Build time: 1 hour. 

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Hand Crank Flashlight

Learn how motion can turn into electrical currents with this hands-on wooden flashlight! Build a gearbox with generator motor, LED light, and crank shaft and then create infinite power with your own hands!

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Salt Water Battery

Use salt, water, wires, and nails to create a power source in your kitchen! Use the included cups, salt, and instructions to make a salt water battery that can power an LED light for days!

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Copper Tape Circuits

Get started learning about electricity, schematics, and circuits with this all-inclusive, no-mess kit! Great for a few hours of fun. Plus, this kit includes a coloring book!

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Solar Fan

Kids can build their own green energy machine that powers a flashing LED or a cooling fan using only the power of the sun! An all-inclusive kit with clear instructions ensures success!

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Enable the next generation of problem-solvers through engaging play. Demystify the world around us with thoughtful, educational toys.

We are a team of parents, educators, and engineers with years of experience teaching kids about STEM. Our kits have a 100% satisfaction moneyback guarantee.

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